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The C2M Membership provides you with a road map and support crew to help you everyday as you move from clinician and up the management rungs.


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Online Programs

Engage in one of our programs to advance
your career and empower yourself.

Six reasons to become a member

Access To Expertise

You are tapping into a Brain’s Trust of experience and expertise on all things clinical management! Our trainers, mentors, special guests – and a good proportion of our members are experts in their areas of leadership and management – and that is because they have been there!  Their expertise is based on actual experience and augmented by research.

We Walk The Talk

Where others teach unproven theory or rely on outdated experience – we’re successful managers and leaders ourselves, we’re in the trenches with our fingers firmly on the pulse.

Peer Support

You are joining a tribe of clinical managers who are part of the Journey Community – there 24/7 to answer all your questions and provide feedback and support.

Look Over Our Shoulder

We will share practical tips and ‘how to’ on great tools and strategies that are working for our members.  These quick ‘living case studies’ will give you a behind the scenes into other teams and organisations.

Our Full Commitment

We eat, sleep and breathe clinical leadership and management. We have completely committed to empower clinicians through empowered leadership.  The Journey is our core focus and we love helping our members achieve success. It’s what we do, and we’re not going anywhere!

It Works!

Over the last 5 years we have been testing the materials across the health and aged care industry and have seen massive uplifts in competence, confidence and organizational improvements!  The people who have been part of this journey have made a real difference not only in their own careers – but for their teams, their organisations and of course for the people they care for.

Our Blog


Back to nursing care…

One of the greatest opportunities Covid has presented me was the motivation and support to re-engage with my clinical nursing.  As the limitations and restrictions of Covid unfolded, the busy work, the things that make little real difference were quickly pushed aside to reveal the most valuable, most essential things in my life.  The things […]

Self-empowerment – the key to organizational resilience, synergy and agility

A number of years ago, I completed a PhD called "All Hands on Deck" reflecting the dire need in hospitals for all clinicians to operate at their greatest potential - and not to subjugate or diminish themselves to make others feel more superior.

Stepping into management just became a whole lot less stressful!

Get the training, tools, advice and support you need to make the transition from Clinician To Manager.