Welcome to 2018 – What is your recipe for success?

  Welcome to 2018 – How will you be? Hope you had an amazing festive season. I certainly did. I went away for a couple of weeks with my family to far East Victoria – Mallacoota. Love that place. I am still completely in love with this place. It is like an oasis in my […]

By Elise Sullivan | Congruence

What did this year say about you and what you value?

Congruence – one of the principles of empowerment.  Well, according to me anyway.  At the start of every year I think about what it is going to be about and who I am going to be in it.  And you’ll be seeing some of these reflections at the beginning of next year. But I think […]

By Elise Sullivan | Congruence

Nurses/midwives turn healthcare around…

If you want to know what changes will make the most difference in the healthcare sector, ask a nurse or midwife. They are where the action is. They see how patients are experiencing their services and they know why they might not be giving the very best care. If you want to make the changes […]

By Elise Sullivan | C2M Program . Managing Change

So, you want to know how to fit everything in…

One of the big questions driving people to our “Clinician 2 Manager Acceleration Program” is: “How do I fit it all in and not forget anything?” Because when you start actually managing a unit in a hospital, aged care service or in a community care service, you quickly realise that the job is big, complicated, […]

By Elise Sullivan | C2M Program . Time to Manage

Do you have the ‘busy-ness’ syndrome?

The other day I watched a manager power through her unit at a great pace.  I was reminded of the mad hatter – she had that look about her and was walking and talking and speaking quickly to anyone who stopped her.  “Busy, busy, busy…….” was littered throughout her response. I worked with another manager some […]

By Amanda Edwards | C2M Program . Time to Manage

Make your management count – How does knowing my budget empower me?

I am assuming that none of you are accountants; that, in fact, you started nursing not to manage budgets but to care for patients. Many of you have, to date, managed to avoid the whole ikky conversation about managing money in your units. We get that. But by developing this basic financial language and practice – it […]

By Elise Sullivan | C2M Program . Managing Budgets

Talking Budgets? The 3 most important things you need to know

There are many books and courses written on how to manage finances and budgets for nurses and nurse managers. Lots of them go into great detail about the terms you need to understand and give you various models you can use to manage a budget wherever you are in the world. There are not too […]

By Jennifer Gale | C2M Program . Managing Budgets

Want to know how to turn conflict into collaboration?

We know that managing conflict and difficult conversations is one of the most stressful parts of any manager’s job. In many cases, the difference between conflict and collaboration is the emotion it evokes – which of course, is a whole lot to do with how you think about conflict generally.  If you want to know […]

By Elise Sullivan | C2M Program . Managing Conflict